This discussion will examine the nature of power, as presently conceived in modern society, the problems created by this secular approach, and the possibility of redefining the concept of power, in more spiritual terms, as a way to foster transformation in the lives of individuals and society.

Government - Sunday, November 5th

At this time in history, when governments the world over fail to meet the needs of humankind, it seems appropriate to take a step back and more critically evaluate both the nature of this dysfunction and how the reorganization of government institutions, guided by fundamental spiritual principles, can allow states to more effectively address even the most pressing of global concerns.

Social Change - Sunday, November 12th

How exactly does social change actually take place? It may not be what you think. History provides examples of effective social change that can open the contemporary mind to ways in which humanity can build a solid foundation for the transformation of society into one that actually serves the best interests of all humankind.